About Us

Hi! This is Mily and my beautiful golden retriever Illariy. We are both Peruvians living in the UK. I am an animal lover, passionate about their welfare and particularly adore dogs.

I got married to a British guy and I moved to the UK in 2017, leaving Illariy in Lima, our hometown in Peru, with my family. However, I missed her so much, that I decided to bring her over to be part of the family. That's how in February 2018, Illariy made a two-day trip in a crate, flying from Lima to Amsterdam, staying overnight in Amsterdam and then Amsterdam to London, to finally be with us.

Since that day, we really started being a family. She changed our lives for better and among many things, she inspired this business aims to help dog owners find the right product for their four-legged family members. 

As 'pawrents' we know the needs of our furry little ones and are seeking out good technological products that make your life easier, help with protection, security, and take good care of your beloved dogs.

Why My Little Woof? Well, we thought about some ideas for the name of the brand, and actually, we found out there is a way we all called our fluffy ones... in fact, it doesn't matter if it's a tiny shitzu or a huge great danes... or if there is a puppy or a 12 year-old one... we will always call them 'my little woof'.